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About Us

Vanibuy Pet Store - Sniffing Out The Best Pet Accessory Deals!

Being a proud pet owner over the years meant a lot of things- endless moments of pure furry bliss, snuggling, laughter—you name it. However, it also meant a lot of trial and error when it came to finding accessories, toys, clothes or basic items that improve both ours and our pet babies’ life.

Slowly, we became obsessed with researching for the best options online and we realized that it was a thoroughly time-consuming process that required time and effort we didn’t really have- let alone the fact that quite often, “super-duper-premium” pet accessories meant money down the drain in terms of quality.

Out of that frustration and passion for wanting to treat our four-legged family to quality pet supplies, Vanibuy was born.

Why Shop With Us?

Simply put, this is a true passion of ours.

Which means we only sell things we would buy for our own fuzzy kids. This, is a pet store created by pet parents, for pet-parents.

We make a point by researching and bringing to you, pet accessory deals that are both high in quality and don’t break the bank. From pet toys & clothes to all manners of pet accessories that display your love for your fuzzy friends, you will be able to find just the thing you are looking for, at unbeatable prices.

Plus, we realize that you, our customer, sits at the very heart of our business.

With us, you always come first, no matter what! For all your questions, issues or order queries, you can trust that our Customer Support team will be there for you, come rain or sunshine!

For further inquiries, contact our customer service team, we are more than happy to help you.